An assessment tool for evaluation of operational and safety performance of intermodal transit terminals

The proposed project seeks to develop a transit terminal assessment tool that can be used to provide safer and more efficient service to passengers. The objective is to provide the industrial partner with a specifically designed and calibrated analysis tool that can be used estimate the impact of passenger movements around the terminal platforms on the frequency of subway/bus arrivals/departures at terminals. The partner organization is a consultant with long-time expertise in public transportation analysis area. By participation in this project the company will have access to the improved methodologies in assessing transportation transit terminals, which can be used in various potential projects. Interested transportation agencies can benefits by exploring alternative solutions to existing transit terminals that will provide more cost-effective operations of the transit system. In addition, the intern will learn about the interaction between the private industry and the governmental transportation agencies in developing common  projects targeting improvements of the public transportation system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ciprian Alecsandru


Behzad Rouhieh


CIMA Canada



Automotive and transportation


Concordia University



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