An automated manufacturability analysis system

Currently, the service provided by GRAD4 allows buyers to upload their designs for quotes from the suppliers. However, there is no initial manufacturability check for buyers to evaluate their parts before submitting their quotes. Buyers may get feedback from the suppliers, which indicates that their parts are not able to be manufacturable after a several-days waiting period. In order to reduce the time waste of the communication between the buyers and suppliers and speed up the order process, an initial manufacturability checker is in demand. Based on this, the objective of this project is proposed 1) to investigate various approaches for automated manufacturability analysis 2) to implement the approach either in a software prototype or as a plugin for an existing online geometric modeling tool. Finally, the manufacturability system will be tested and validated based on the feedback from the users for GRAD4

Faculty Supervisor:

Yaoyao Fiona Zhao


Ying Zhang




Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services


McGill University



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