An effective CO2 capture technology for offshore petroleum facilities

The current project aims to design and optimize the cryogenic CO2 capture process in terms of CO2 removal efficiency and energy requirement. The serious concern of global warming due to increasing CO2 emission has urged policymakers to employ various CO2 capture methods. Note that among different CO2 capture methods, the cryogenic capture is a favorable option since it uses less energy and no chemicals in the CO2 removal process. Cryogenic CO2 capture suffers from high equipment costs and energy consumption. Thus, an energy/exergy assessment of cryogenic CO2 capture can effectively reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts. Thus, toward the optimized operation, the partner organization will be benefit from energy-efficient operation as well as achieving a high CO2 recovery percentage.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sohrab Zendehboudi


Mohammad Mohammadi Baghmolaei;Marziyeh Zare


M.A. Procense Inc.




Professional, scientific and technical services


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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