An efficient heuristic algorithm for laboratory analysis profile selection

In health care industry, the tests of laboratory analysis are organized and priced in the format of profiles. Each profile contains a specific group of tests. The price of a profile is usually lower than the sum of the prices of individual tests included in the profile. In this project, the intern will develop a special optimization algorithm for selecting test profiles and/or combinations of test profiles to cover the list of tests required by a patient. This is an important component to enable an online price estimation service provided by Medialpha. The service automatically calculates the price for conducting a set of lab analysis prescribed by a doctor. The service will intuitively guide patients through the price estimation process and intelligently help patients match non-standardized test abbreviations and codes in their requisition forms with the laboratory’s standard ontology. To achieve this objective, the intern will develop software interfaces which integrated the developed optimization algorithm with Medialpha’s existing Price Estimator modules. The superb user experience and time-saving benefits provided by the online price estimation system will attract more patients to obtain their laboratory analysis quotations through the online service.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chun Wang


Xinkai Xu






Health care and social assistance


Concordia University



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