An essential resource: Policy and planning for single-room occupancy housing

Despite the stigma attached to single-room occupancy (SRO) housing, it can provide good quality, low-cost housing. However, the high cost of upgrading to meet zoning and other regulations, and the low rents that tenants can afford, make it difficult to manage and maintain. As a result, SRO housing is always at risk of gentrification and conversion to other forms of housing. This project will identify examples of successful SRO housing from other cities and will assess the policy frameworks that makes these success stories possible. It will then develop recommendations to improve SRO housing in Winnipeg. West Broadway Community Organization has been working to support local SRO housing for over a decade and will incorporate the results of this research into its ongoing programming work.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sarah Cooper;Orly Linovski


Yasmine Haj Ahmad


West Broadway Community Organization




Other services (except public administration)


University of Manitoba



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