An evaluation of alternatives to diesel fuel for use in Canada’s class 8 heavy-duty vehicles.

Canada has committed to combatting climate change. To do this, Canada must find ways to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the country’s most polluting sectors. Transportation accounts for roughly a quarter of the country’s total GHG emissions, and though electric vehicles have been identified as a promising strategy for passenger vehicles, a viable alternative to diesel for Canada’s trucking industry is unclear. This research will identify the most promising alternatives to diesel for implementation in Canada based on their ability to reduce GHG emissions at the lowest cost. It will focus specifically on Canada’s most common truck, the tractor trailer. This research will evaluate the ease of adoption of each alternative based on the scale at which the technology has previously been used.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Posen


Madeleine Ewing


Pembina Institute


Engineering - civil


Alternative energy




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