An Evaluation of the Coordination of Transformative Energy Efficiency and Conservation by BC Hydro and MEMPR

The purpose of this project is to a) understand how the objectives set out by the province of British Columbia to plan for and pursue long-term energy efficiency and conservation (EEC) are being coordinated between the BC Hydro, the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (MEMPR) and the province’s other key energy stakeholders; b) evaluate whether this is sufficient to realize the transformative levels of energy savings being sought in the province; and c) recommend changes to help increase the institutional capacity for coordinating the desired levels of energy savings. From a policy perspective, this project aims to help BC Hydro and MEMPR in achieving the Energy Plan’s EEC related policy actions. In addition to this, the project also intends to help understand and develop the types of coordinating processes that will be needed to start looking beyond these medium term policy actions toward the next round of innovative EEC solutions that are needed for realizing two even more ambitious longterm goals: 1) BC Hydro’s aspirational target to meet 100% of its projected 20-year incremental growth in electricity demand with EEC measures by 2027 and 2) a 33% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in BC by 2020.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John Robinson


Thomas Berkhout


BC Hydro


Resources and environmental management




University of British Columbia



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