An Examination of Early Childhood Educators’ (ECEs) Knowledge, Self-Efficacy and Risk Tolerance for Outdoor Play Among Young Children in Childcare

Playing outdoors in exciting, risky activities has been shown to positively impact the health of children. However, children are often restricted from engaging in this type of play due to safety concerns. Educating adults who care for children about the importance of outdoor risky play is an important step to help improve children’s opportunities for outdoor play in childcare. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the success of a workshop, developed and delivered by the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario, at improving early childhood educators’ knowledge of outdoor play, their confidence to promote outdoor play among children, and their everyday tolerance for risk in childcare. Any improvements noted after participating in the training will demonstrate success. The results will be used to inform future training for YMCA childcare staff to ensure that educators are knowledgeable and confident to support the implementation of outdoor risky play within their programs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patricia Tucker


Molly Driediger


YMCA of Southwestern Ontario








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