An examination of gamification methods to improve user engagement: A case study of a system to manage expertise during the COVID-19 Pandemic

totaliQ has developed an expertise management platform that helps organisations save significant time and money by providing them with maximum visibility into the individual expertise that each employee within the organization has and where that employee is located. safetyiQ is a free, light version of this system that will allow employees, managers and occupational health and safety professionals to share best practices, templates, lessons learned, Q&A and more, while it auto-generates an inventory of each user’s areas of expertise so that collaborators can identify experts in specific topics within this online community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Gamification is a technique to increase willingness of the user to contribute to share his knowledge with others. When applying gamification to knowledge management, the idea is to get employees to share knowledge and expertise by making it fun, introducing an element of friendly competition, and shining a light on top performers. The purpose of this project is investigating gamification techniques that maximise user engagement in expertise management platform of totaliQ.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jennifer Jewer


Morteza Amiri


totaliQ Technology Inc


Resources and environmental management



Memorial University of Newfoundland



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