An examination of the determinants of certification and licensure examination methods in Canada

In Canada, the majority of the regulated occupations in Canada are controlled by provincial and territorial law and are governed by professional bodies with the authority to set entry requirements and standards of practice and to issue licenses and/or certificates of practice to qualified skilled labour (CICIC, 2006). There is an increasing demand for professionalism generates concerns on accreditation and occupational requirement. To respond to this industry trend, the current research project will examine how different regulatory agencies in Canada examine their potential members. A multivariate regression model will be used to explore the determinants of a regulatory agency?s willingness to use various examination systems and the determinants of their standards of examination. In conclusion, this research will shed light on the influence of an occupation?s characteristics on examination methods and difficulty, while allowing the industry partner an opportunity to explore the possibility of transferring this examination system to other regulated occupations in British Columbia and Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Li


Andy Xiao Ping Yue


0944303 BC Ltd




Information and communications technologies




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