An Integrated Evaluation and Planning System for Supporting Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources

Groundwater over-extraction and the associated adverse effects have raised significant concerns. In order to respond to the urgent calls for effective management approaches and control actions, this study aims to develop an innovative groundwater evaluation and planning system by integrating water balance modelling, system optimization, scenario analysis and capability assessment. The main research tasks to be carried out during the project, in partnership with InCoreTec, an applied engineering and consulting firm, include: identification and characterization of the existing problems in groundwater and the supply systems in Newfoundland, the development of an integrated and comprehensive planning framework based on the water evaluation and planning system, conducting investigations and interviews to formulate the system specifications to find the end-user’s needs and development preferences, evaluation of existing and alternative water management strategies and preparation of recommendations for local operational water plans to promote sustainable groundwater management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bing Chen


A. Moein M. Shahwan


InCoreTec Inc.




Environmental industry


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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