An Integrated GPS/INS/Visual Positioning System for Head-Mounted

The Recon Jet is an eyewear that is targeted towards cyclists and runners. The Recon jet is attractive because it displays the athlete’s performance, such as maximum speed and acceleration in real-time using the Recon Jet h ads-up display technology. The current Recon Jet has a GPS receiver and onboard sensors that track the athlete position, and velocity, and displays the athlete’s ride data on a map. The current Recon Jet GPS receiver and onboard sensors have poor positioning accuracy of the athlete at times when GPS receiver signal reception is lost. This work proposes using a camera that is already on board of Recon Jet to better estimate the athlete position. The camera captures images of landmarks in the environment during the athlete ride. The relative shift of these landmarks captured in different images can be used to better estimate the athlete’s position and velocity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Edward Park


Ahmed Arafa


Recon Instruments Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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