An Integrated Multi-Case Study Approach to Advancing Business-to-Business (B2B) Online Marketing Strategies In an Expanded Multi-sector Study with 15 Companies

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is considerably different from the business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Marketing strategies do not necessarily translate from one segment to another. This is evident in the social media/online marketing arena where many of the strategies and tools have been developed primarily for B2C marketing which results in many B2B companies dismissing social media/online marketing tools as irrelevant for their business. While social and online marketing may differ for a B2B context, it should not be dismissed. A strategic approach for the B2B context can drive brand recognition, acquire new customers, and create significant financial returns for a company.
This proposal seeks to better understand how online and social media marketing are best applied within a B2B context. We propose that utilizing a multi-case study approach will provide project participants with the opportunity to better understand social media/online marketing tools and develop more relevant and applicable best practices for a B2B business environment. The project’s research will focus on earned and paid social media coverage/content and which will be analyzed using the tools determined by the project partners (SEM, Hubspot, CRM, and/or Salesforce) in order to identify broad themes and patterns applicable to the partner’s B2B marketing needs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Renee Majeau;Ryan Young


Azaali Jetha;Brittney Stahn;Christine Irwin;Darien Monck;Evan Crawford;Leanne Johnston;Marvin Pasalo;Monica Thai;Calvin Switzer;Eimistone Granado;Jolyne DeMarco






Northern Alberta Institute of Technology



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