An Integrated Multi-Case Study Approach to Advancing Business-to-Business (B2B) Online Marketing Strategies

With the growth of the internet, online and social media marketing have replaced tv and print advertising. Many companies have become extremely savvy in the use of online marketing tools to reach consumers. But how should online marketing be used when a company is working within a business-to-business context? Online marketing techniques often do not apply in this context. Developing appropriate strategies for business-to-business companies are important as they will drive brand recognition, acquire new customers and create significant financial returns for the company.
Through a multiple sector approach, this study will create a new series of best practices for how business-to-business companies can use online and social media marketing tools for their context

Faculty Supervisor:

Renee Majeau


Alexa Prins;Amy Schoettle;Greg Cassady;Katharine Stratton;Samantha Moore



Environmental sciences


Construction and infrastructure




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