An Integrated Multi-Case Study Approach to Identify Employee Training Best Practices to Drive SME Business Development

E training and development has been repeatedly identified in studies to be a major contributor to corporate financial performance. Large enterprises maintain dedicated training departments, while a vast array of consultants and corporate education companies exist to help small and medium sized enterprises. At the same time, choosing the right corporate training is difficult, and SMEs are less able than major corporations to absorb mistakes.
This proposal seeks to better understand the factors that make corporate training successful for Canadian SMEs, with success measured in terms of driving revenue growth and profitability. Utilizing a longitudinal multi-case study approach where successive interns build on the work of their predecessor, we believe that studying multiple companies in a range of industries simultaneously will provide the opportunity to develop best practices that can be shared between SMEs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Young;Renee Majeau


Colin Mcintosh;Kaleena Mootoo






Northern Alberta Institute of Technology



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