An investigation into the operation and operational benefits of a new converter technology for supercapacitor charging

Batteries are main storage systems in many applications such as electric vehicles, shipping, transportation, and utility backup power. With the recent breakthrough in the supercapacitor technology, it is predicted that supercapacitors will challenge the batteries in many of these applications since their power delivery is much faster than the batteries. The current chargers are designed based on the requirements of the batteries. Considering supercapacitors as the prospective next generation energy storage systems, it is claimed that the deflection conversion technology offers much faster and significantly more efficient charging scheme compared to the current chargers. As an important consequence of this development, with the adoption of the new generation of supercapacitors in electric vehicles, drivers can charge the vehicles’ batteries on the go leading to saving time, reduced costs and benefitting the environment. This research proposal is intended to validate the superior characteristics of the chargers using the deflection conversion technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jiacheng Wang


Jae Park


Atlas Power Generation


Engineering - mechanical






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