An Investigation of Potential Market Entry for Novel Medical Devices ina Pandemic Environment

Currently, it is difficult to obtain market share in the medical device market. Furthermore, a lack of resources by small companies with disruptive technologies can prove to be detrimental to establishing market share. This huge hurdle thus discourages innovators from commercializing their life-saving technologies especially in a pandemic situation. This project will focus on the development of a framework to support vulnerable new entrants into the medical device market with penetrating and securing a position in the market, within a pandemic setting. Healthcare professional-led innovations will, therefore, have the chance to develop tailored market entry strategies to quantify risks and outcomes of various market entry options, defined by the framework. This framework will be utilized by Difinity Solutions in marketing their medical devices based on a novel medication delivery system and mechanism to improve patient outcomes. This will therefore provide evidence-informed decision on an overall market entry strategy for Difinity’s medical devices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Malcolm C Smith


Ogheneriobororue Amromanoh


Difinity Solutions






University of Manitoba



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