An optimized relay for interoperating between ledgers

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamato introduced Bitcoin, a peer to peer electronic cash system. Unlike traditional banking system, Bitcoin allows people to transfer their money without need to trust a third party. This goal was achieved using the data structure called blockchain. Since Bitcoin, the idea of blockchain has been widely used in several projects. Depending on requirements of a project, a blockchain was designed to have a certain level of security, privacy, speed and etc. Nowadays, it doesn’t seem like there will be a blockchain to rule them all, therefore, all these different blockchains should be able to communicate with each other. Relay is the strongest solution for this problem which is trustless and can be used for general purposes. In this project, we want to design an optimized and incentive compatible relay with some outstanding features that makes cross chain communication possible. This research will allow Aquanow to contribute to the blockchain communities and create the presence of the company by dedicating R&D in blockchain space.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victoria Lemieux;Chen Feng


Niusha Moshrefi;Mahyar Daneshpajooh






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