An Oral History of the St. George-Grosvenor-Piccadilly Neighbourhood

An oral history of the St. George-Grosvenor-Piccadilly neighbourhood will be conducted. Research themes include an understanding of how institutions and notable structures shaped the neighbourhood, and the role played by sites of social interaction, and the role played by the neighbourhood’s rural character It is hoped that conducting oral interviews will elicit memories of buildings, institutions, changes in architectural details, conservation culture, material culture, and cultural and natural landscapes, and preserve information that would otherwise be lost. Following collection and analysis, and in tandem with academic publication, the information will be circulated via an online oral history which will offer value to the neighbourhood and the region as a draw for tourism. The postdoctoral researcher will benefit though an expanded network, and an opportunity to gain professional experience in the heritage sector. The company will be able to access a researcher with the expertise to conduct this kind of research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michelle Hamilton


Mark Tovey


Nancy Z. Tausky Heritage Consultants




Management of companies and enterprises


Western University



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