Anaerobic biodegradation of complex aromatic pollutants by indigenous microbes from a contaminated site in Brazil

This four-month research project proposal aims to contribute to bioremediation projects carried out by the partner industry by evaluating the biodegradability of some halogenated aromatic compounds, such as dichloroaniline (DCA), and chloroaniline (CA), present in a contaminated site. Through some biodegradability tests, we will verify and better understand how native microbes from the mentioned site degrade those compounds in the absence of oxygen, as it occurs in deep soil layers. The microbial community will be evaluated and identified during the research period, in order to understand which microbes are responsible for the various degradation processes. These results will guide the remediation projects that are planned and implemented by the industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elizabeth Edwards


Sofia Pimentel Araújo


Geosyntec Consultants Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Toronto



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