Anaerobic co-digestion of organic and cellulosic wastes for increased biogas production

The goal of this research project is to study and develop optimal strategies for operating anaerobic co-digestion processes involving organic waste with cellulosic substrate derived from paper wastes. The effects of enzymatic treatment to boost degradation of the paper wastes in anaerobic conditions will also be evaluated. Furthermore, best approaches for transitioning feedstock compositions, such as from lower to higher paper content and vice versa, will be investigated. An experimental database will be developed and embedded in a simulation platform that functions as a decision-support tool for operating anaerobic co-digestion processes. This study enhances scientific understanding of co-digestion behaviours of mixed feedstocks at various compositions and identifies technical feasibility for full-scale applications. The outcomes of this proposed project are expected to bolster Canada’s movement towards the development of a circular economy and support municipalities in managing their solid waste more effectively.

Faculty Supervisor:

Céline Vaneeckhaute


Zamry Jamaludin


Anaergia Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Environmental industry


Université Laval



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