Analysis and Design of Double Layer Electric Supercapacitor for Wholesale Grid Application

Storing electrical charge has been one of the top demands for human being during his lifespan. Nowadays, energy storage systems are among the most concern around the globe. The ability to provide a special class of electric energy storage devices that can complement or replace batteries and harvesting applications when high power delivery or uptake is required has drawn much more attention. With introducing double layer supercapacitors (DLEC) the demand for more rapid charge/discharge rates as compared with batteries has been increased. Commercial supercapacitors are manufactured by a number of companies around the world. In order to have the best balance of cost and actual storage volume capacity in DLECs, several factors play a role. Lack of knowledge in finding the best design of starting materials, manufacturing techniques, as well as its simplicity; make this study as a new window for the future generation of power storage systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jian Liu


Ali Khosrozadeh


Atlas Power Generation




Alternative energy




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