Analysis and Design of Fast Charging System with Flywheel Energy Storage Platform

This project is aiming at the design and analysis of high-performance fast charging system (FCS) to decrease charging time and reduce the high demand effect in the power grid. Besides, the target fast charging system will support transportation electrification infrastructures, maximize customer satisfaction, reduced operational costs and CO2 emissions. The analysis of the FCS system will provide resilient features to ensure minimum operation interruptions. Also, the system maximizes the charging time by protecting battery life. The design of the system can use energy storage system (battery-flywheel) to reduce the adverse effects of the high demand in the power grid. Also, the analysis includes the sizing of the system for different type of environment and weather conditions.The project will give an advance technology advantages to the partner organization members and will contribute to help grow the low-carbon and “smart” technology eco-system in the country, leading to job growth and economic development over the long-term.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hossam Gaber


Onur Elma;Sherif Dabour


Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium


Physics / Astronomy


Automotive and transportation


Ontario Tech University



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