Analysis of a Model for Shipping Grains from Summerside (PEI) to Corner Brook (NL)

Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) and the Summerside Port Corporation, Inc. (SPCI) are exploring the opportunity to ship grains from Prince Edward Island to Western Newfoundland. First discussions between the two ports indicate that there this may be a viable business opportunity for both entities. The Port of Summerside is currently shipping grains from producers on the island outbound in bulk. Meanwhile, there are a number farms, particularly dairy farms, in Western Newfoundland located close to the Port of Corner Brook. The ability to ship grains by vessel directly to Corner Brook could reduce costs and shipping times, and could mean access to fresher products and possibly a wider range of grain and related products. CBPC and SPCI require further research to move forward with this project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gabriela Sabau


Tamufor Emmanuel


Port of Corner Brook


Environmental sciences






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