Analysis of a novel energy absorbing roof anchorage connector for fall protection in lower strength roof construction

There is a large need for anchorage connectors (AC) on low strength structural roofs. A patent-pending AC has been designed to provide a secure point for workers on lower strength roofs while having energy absorbing capacity to limit damage to the structure in the event of a fall. With the advent of more and taller wood frame buildings the need for AC for low strength structural roofs is paramount. Through this proposal we aim to develop the next generation of Energy Absorbing Roof AC through optimizing the materials and design for broad market distribution. Working in partnership with Dr. Carolyn Sparrey and her intern at SFU the design will be refined using advanced finite element analysis and engineering techniques. Upon project completion the most significant design factors affected the energy absorbing capabilities of the AC and a modified design will be highlighted for further prototyping and testing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carolyn Sparrey


Shervin Jannesar


Ace Bellows Partnership


Engineering - mechanical


Medical devices


Simon Fraser University



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