Analysis of Emotional Well-Being via CheckingIn

Checkingin is a publicly available app through which users report their current emotion, energy level, and the context descriptive of this state. The present project seeks to analyze if such self-initiated technology is capable of detecting emotional shifts in well-being under times of great stress, as on-going in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, a comparison will be made on what emotions were most frequently reported prior to the pandemic, and how these emotions shifted over time up to present day. This will compliment laboratory-based research reliant on retrospective recall. Secondly, by pairing context with emotional well-being, activities that are beneficial, or may be detrimental, for well-being can be identified. This can help individuals know, for instance, that exercise was beneficial for well-being maintenance during the past several weeks relative to spending time on social media.

Faculty Supervisor:

James Enns


Pavel Kozik






Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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