Analysis of techno-economic-environmental feasibility of zero emission buses on public transit routes in Canadian context

Substitution of existing diesel buses by zero-emission propulsion technologies (electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cell) in vehicles – specifically public transit fleets – can play an instrumental role in realizing Canada’s obligation towards green house gas emission reduction. It is imperative to enable transit agencies to assess the capabilities of existing technology variants in meeting the demands of existing operations to achieve successful, long-term integration while maintaining commercially viability. Most of Canada’s transit agencies today lack a comprehensive understanding of the impact of these buses, in terms of their operational performance, cost, degree of interoperability, infrastructure requirements and environmental impacts. In the proposed project, the post-doctoral fellow (PDF) will develop a modeling-based predictive and comparative analysis tool. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Heather MacLean


Abhishek Raj


Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium


Engineering - civil


Alternative energy




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