Analysis of TGF-? traps as effective immunostimulating cancer treatments

AVID200 is a TGF-? trap that specifically sequesters TGF-?I and TGF-?III to enhance antitumour immunity to inhibit tumor growth. AVID200 also avoids adverse side effect of depleted of TGF-?II. AVID200 is relatively short-lived in circulation, decreasing its capacity to exert desirable enhancement of anti-tumour immunity. To increase the effectiveness of TGF-? traps, a panel of candidate molecules that retain TGF-? isoform specificity and inactivating capacity, but with projected increased stability, have been generated by Formation Biologics. To support an investigational new drug (IND) application, mouse models of breast, melanoma and ovarian cancers will be treated with these TGF-? traps. Their effect on the immune system and tumor inhibition will be determined both as single agents and in combination with immune stimulating drugs. These experiments will provide preclinical evidence of the effectiveness of candidate TGF-? inhibitors on mouse models of cancer in preparation for an IND application and clinical trials.

Faculty Supervisor:

James Koropatnick


Michael Thwaites


Formation Biologics


Biochemistry / Molecular biology






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