Analysis of the e-bike dynamics and cyclist interaction with road vehicles that influence safety

The automotive industry has recognized electric bike use as an integral part of the urban mobility of the future. To promote mass adoption of the integration of electric bikes with cars, the user perception of safety has to be improved. The objective of the proposed study is to investigate how aerodynamics and anxiety levels of cyclists influence the interaction of cyclists with other road vehicles and the impact on safety. To achieve this objective, studies will be conducted under controlled conditions in a full-scale climatic wind tunnel. Field studies will also be conducted on urban roads. The insight from the proposed project can help to improve safety, reduce cycling casualties and promote mass adoption of electric bikes. This can, in turn, reduce traffic pollution with positive environmental and economic impacts on Canadians.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Agelin-Chaab


Shabnam Pejhan


General Motors Canada Ltd.


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation




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