Analysis of the implementation of a Model-Based Systems Engineering approach for the conceptual design of advanced aircraft high-lift system architectures

Today, the development of complex products such as aircraft systems is still mainly based on a paper-based requirements and development process which leads to delays, cost overrun and sometimes failure to respond to customer needs. A structured, model-based design approach is considered promising to bring innovation and optimization in systems architectures. The project aims to demonstrate the value of a model-based systems engineering approach opposed to a traditional bottom-up approach for the example of advanced aircraft high-lift system architectures. The open-source framework Capella will be used to provide the partner organization a tailored new methodology, example process and models for the conceptual design phase that will enable subsequently a more efficient and effective development process.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Liscouet-Hanke


Bharani Raj Mohan


Bombardier Aeronautic Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


Concordia University



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