Analysis of Visual Language for a Novel Gesture-Based Interface that Supports Improved Cross-Functional Development

The following document explores the impact of visual language and new gesture-based tools to create prototypes that can be used in the final stages of production. With the contemporary ample use of different prototyping tools to create iOS applications, the interaction between designers and programmers is evolving based on what these tools allow. Small cross-function teams observe a disconnection between what the designer initially animates with what the
developer programs at the end of the pipeline. Is it possible to develop a visual language that supports a gesture-based tool that can be used by both designers and software developers? This research will provide the analysis and information to build such a novel tool, aiming to solve the relevant challenge designers and developers face when working in small multidisciplinary teams

Faculty Supervisor:

David Fracchia


David Gutierrez


Slant Design & Marketing Inc




Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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