Anishanaabe Maamwaye Aki Kiigayewin; Indigenous Inclusion

Between government obligation and corporate social responsibilities, mining companies are experiencing a need to maintain positive corporate-Indigenous relations as they develop and implement impact benefit agreements in ‘consultation’ with First Nations.. Specifically the research will answer the following question(s): Does Indigenous cultural competency and safety training help to: a) foster a work place environment that focuses on positive employee relations as well as enhance the corporate-Indigenous relationship and b) identify attitudes that create an environment of inclusion thereby enhancing the company as a place of choice to work? Finding ways to enhance positive relationships with Indigenous peoples will assist to meet internal needs of a diverse and renewed workforce while expanding on the desire to be viewed as a company of choice for work. It will also assist to identify ways of meeting corporate social responsibilities as it pertains to corporate- Indigenous relations and possibly enhance their social licence to operate. The research will benefit Canada and the Indigenous population through recognition of one possible method for creating inclusion in the flow of resources

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel McCarthy


Dorothy Larkman-Flood


Goldcorp Inc.


Environmental sciences


Aboriginal affairs


University of Waterloo



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