Antigen Tracking of the DPX-R9F immunotherapy using MRI – Part 2

IMV Inc. is developing injectable cancer immune therapy using the company’s DPXTM technology. DPX is a patented formulation that displays excellent tumor control and provides a long lasting and specific effect. The way by which this therapy exerts its effect is unclear but the translational team at IMV is determined to discover its mechanism of action and why their proprietary DPX technology delivers superior responses in comparison to other forms of injectable therapies. This project will aim to figure out, using preclinical models, how the DPX components are being transported within the immune system and which cells are responsible for this transport. The components will be labeled so that it can be tracked using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the presence or absence of immune cells at the frontline of the immune system, like dendritic cells and macrophages. Figuring out where the components are going into the body and which cells are responsible for their transport will help decipher why DPX’s technology is so efficient. It will also help further develop IMV’s DPX and help Canadians through the development of good, efficient, cancer immune therapies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kimberly Brewer


Marie-Laurence Tremblay








Dalhousie University



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