Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Mechanisms of Silver-oxysalt Based Wound Care Products

Infection causing bacteria often grow as a community called a biofilm, which once formed becomes protected from the outside environment. In the context of a human infection, this means a biofilm is more resistant to both the immune system and external interventions such as antibiotics. For this reason, biofilms are proposed to be the link between acute and chronic infection. Focusing on the role biofilms play in chronic wound infection, this project will evaluate the role different silver formulations play in preventing or reducing biofilm formation. Exciton Technologies Inc. produces a wound care product with highly oxidized silver species that are more reactive and effective against bacteria than silver species found in other products. Understanding the interaction with biofilm forming bacteria will lead to the production of a low-cost and effective treatment for patients suffering from chronic wounds inflicted by microbial biofilm population and improve patient care. Furthermore, this work will support and add knowledge towards understanding interaction of metal species with bacteria as alternate antimicrobial strategies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Raymond J. Turner


Joseph Lemire


Exciton Technologies Inc.




Life sciences


University of Calgary



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