Antimicrobial Properties of Kisameet Clay IV

Natural clay minerals have a long history of medicinal applications. Recent studies have described their antibacterial properties and have suggested that specific physical and geochemical characteristics of clay are involved in this effect. Kisameet clay (KC), a natural deposit found in British Columbia has been used for healing purposes for generations, still little more than anecdotal information about its use has reported. We have confirmed broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity of KC against a variety of human pathogens. Then, our goal has been elucidating the mechanism(s) which make it antibacterial. We have proposed to carry out microbiological and geochemical analyses to reveal the mode of action. In parallel, potential microbial sources of active compounds have been identified by using metagenomic analyses of DNA extracted from clay. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Julian Davies


Shekooh Behroozian


Kisameet Glacial Clay Inc.




Medical devices




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