Application, efficacy and scale up of a novel extraction method for valorization of by-products of Ascophyllum nodosum extract processing

The industry partner is a producer of a successful seaweed based plant product used globally to improve plant growth. However, a large amount of waste byproduct, termed seaweed insoluble residue, is created as a byproduct of the production process. This residue has been found to contain a large amount of the original seaweed biomass. By extracting this unused biomass from the product, it is possible to turn a current waste stream into a marketable product. The proposed project will make use of ultrasound processing to improve the solubility of the SIR. The resulting fractions will be fully characterized to determine composition. The industrial partner will benefit through the reduction of a costly waste stream and through the development of novel plant stimulatory products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Beth Mason


Corey Hanson


Acadian Seaplants Limited


Environmental sciences


Life sciences


Cape Breton University



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