Application of a “Knowledge to Action” Approach with Two BC Health Authorities in a Study to Design Psychometric Instrument of Collaborative Team Culture

This internship augments a post-doctoral study to design psychometric instrumentation for measurement and evaluation of collaborative team culture. The study builds upon a dissertation inquiry carried out by the applicant, in which a collaborative health care culture framework was developed. There are insufficient evaluation tools to measure collaborative team culture and this study addresses this deficit. The researcher will partner with Vancouver Island Health Authority and Interior Health Authority and utilize a "Knowledge to Action" approach to enhance practice relevance and application of the research. This four month internship, is part of year one of the study, in which a collaborative leadership group will be established to advise on study plans and progress, and exemplar PHC teams from each Health Authority will be recruited for collecting data specific to questionnaire formulation and instrument design. The researcher will also work with Health Authority decision-makers to advance understanding of collaborative culture.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Marjorie MacDonald


Judith Burgess


Vancouver Island Health Authority




Life sciences


University of Victoria



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