Application of advanced analytics in PEM fuel cell development and engineering

This project is a collaboration between Triptech Engineering and Software Services LTD and Laboratory for Alternative Energy Conversion (LAEC) at SFU to develop data analytics solutions for PEM fuel cell industry. The fuel cell industry is suffering from component/system failure and coping with analysis of tremendous amounts of data. Knowledge extraction from this complex data is necessary to predict key factors of component/system failure and enhance the reliability and lifetime of fuel cells. Data analytics has superior diagnostics/prognostics capabilities and is revolutionizing various fields of science and engineering by detecting unseen patterns and new knowledge hidden in massive databases of these disciplines. This project aims to exploit the power of data analytics to develop data solutions for the fuel cell industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Majid Bahrami


Mohammad Ahadi


Triptech Engineering and Software Services Ltd


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy




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