Application of antimicrobial aereus particles with marine paints

This proposal is to accelerate the Aereus Technologies’ development of antimicrobial coatings. Antimicrobial coating has been becoming an effective solution to battle the hospital-acquired infections. Aereus Technologies is developing an antimicrobial coating consisting of marine paint and biocidal copper-alloy based microparticles. One of the key concerns for this new coating is that the microparticles are expected to oxidize when they are exposed to human palm sweat or disinfection agents in healthcare settings. In this project, we will evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy and durability of this coating using a simulated dynamic saline environment. The results will provide scientific insights on how the oxidation of the microparticles would influence the coating antimicrobial efficacy and the integrity of the particles in relation to marine paint.

Faculty Supervisor:

Boxin Zhao


Fut Kuo Yang


Aereus Technologies


Engineering - chemical / biological


Advanced manufacturing




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