Application of Lystek thermal-alkaline hydrolysis technology to fermentation of primary sludge and waste activated sludge

In this research proposal, we are targeting volatile fatty acids production by subsequent Lystek thermal-alkaline hydrolysis technology followed by fermentation. In these two subsequent processes, organic solids will be converted first thermochemically followed by biologically to volatile fatty acids. To enhance wastewater treatment, phosphorus and nitrogen should be removed to a certain level before discharging into water bodies. However, the challenge here an additional carbon source is required which increases the total cost of the treatment. The idea of this research is to produce an internal carbon source from the solid streams by applying Lystek thermal-alkaline hydrolysis followed by biological fermentation.

Faculty Supervisor:

George Nakhla


Basem Mikhaeil Fawzy Haroun


Lystek International Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Natural resources




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