Application of one-step affinity capture technique to purify Pertactin

Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a contagious bacterial disease that targets cells in the human respiratory tract. Whooping cough is an airborne disease that causes coughing fits, difficulty breathing and potentially death. Although it can be life threatening, the disease is preventable with proper immunization. Pertactin is a commonly used protein derived from the bacterial species, B. pertussis, used in the production of the vaccine against the disease. With increasing demands for cheaper, high-quality products, manufacturers are looking for more efficient production and purification processes. Current production practices result in significant product losses during the purification of Pertactin, which can be reduced to provide a more affordable vaccine. This project aims to reduce the number of purification steps and secure higher protein yields using affinity chromatography, a method for product purification.

Faculty Supervisor:

Raja Ghosh


Umatheny Umatheva


Sanofi Pasteur


Engineering - chemical / biological





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