Applications Development of Plasma-Derived Nanostructured Carbons

NanoNB Corp (NNB) is a small business concern established in 2005 in New Brunswick, Canada. The company manufactures fullerenes/nanotubes and performs application development. The Intern Cluster (4 students) will focus on proces is improvements of the company’s plasma reactor to improve yields and efficiency of fullerene recovery. As well, two interns will work on conversion of fullerene product to a form used for plastic solar cells. NNB has established a direct market link for these materials and is heavily market-oriented. Improvement of yields and conversion will support their fastest growing customer base, lowering manufacturing costs and increasing production volume to meet the expected demand of 6 tonnes per gigawatt solar cell capacity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gerard Sean McGrady


Wilailak Chanklin, Srikanth Narayanan, Khosro Seddighi & Dane Sheppard


NanoNB Corp.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy


University of New Brunswick



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