Applied Mineralogy for Enhanced Processing of Gold Ore from Artisanal Mining in the Arequipa Region, Peru – Year Two

The proposed research has the objective of applying detailed mineralogical research to aid the multidisciplinary development of high speed sensors for real-time ore sorting applications. MineSense Technologies Ltd. is a mining technology company that develops such sensors and while they have successfully demonstrated the application of its core technologies to distinguish ore from waste material, continuing goals are to increase the number of non-grade parameters that can be detected, and therefore increase the breadth of the application of their technology. To achieve this degree of detection, systematic mineralogical research has to be applied to determine the mineralogical variability of the bulk ore samples, and the best-suited sensors for individual ore classes, which are characterized by a particular mineralogical feature. This information will be integrated into the development of data analysis algorithms that will facilitate processing and interpretation of the sensor signals according to the desired sorting criteria.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lee Groat


Thomas Chudy


MineSense Technologies


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Natural resources




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