Applying design thinking to urban planning: A case study of the Red Deer environmental master planning process

Cities are facing amplified change and uncertainty. As a result, the contemporary urban planner is confronted with increasingly complex problems, which shape the need for planning approaches that are adaptable, participatory and responsive. This project will explore the opportunities for improving and expediting planning processes through a design thinking approach. Design thinking is a solution-oriented and human-centred approach used by designers to address complex problems. This mindset holds great potential to expedite the planning process and assist policymakers to create strategies and services that help solve complex problems and enhance public value. This research would help Intelligent Futures refine and update its processes, based on rigorous research and prototyped experiences, which would in turn allow us to further innovate to enhance its impact in communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jordi Honey-Roses


Jean Roe


Intelligent Futures




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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