Appropriate Neuromuscular Rolling Intensities and Applications

Prior research has shown that rolling muscles can increase flexibility without performance decreases. These studies have used a variety of rolling pressures (intensities). It is not known whether higher or lower rolling pressures are better for improving flexibility. Thus one of the studies will examine different pressures of rolling on flexibility and muscle performance. On the other hand, it is not known whether the rolling effects are improved when combined with stretching. It is also not known what the duration of these effects might be. Thus in the second experiment, two sessions will have a warm-up including static stretching, one of which will have subsequent bouts of roller massage every 5-minutes continuing for 20-minutes. The other two sessions will have a warm-up including both static stretching and roller massage, again with one session having bouts of roller massage at 5-minute intervals for 20-minutes. Flexibility, strength and power will be tested pre- and post warm-up, as well as 25-minutes post-intervention.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Behm


Jonathan Reid


Performance Health




Medical devices


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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