Arsenic in soil removal and beneficial reuse

The objective of the research is to develop a method for and pilot test the remediation of 3,000 tonnes of arsenic trioxide contaminated soils with concentrations up to 20,000mg/kg. Our project aims to research and develop an efficient and safe methodology of soil washing to remove the arsenic from soil, however other methods would be considered. Moreover, we would also like to find a way to treat the arsenic solution resulted from a successful soil washing. One of the possible way to reuse the arsenic solution is to convert it to gallium arsenide for the use in solar power production. The main activities in our project include a site survey, soil and water sampling and analysis, literature review, bench scale tests and design and implementation of a pilot tests for up to 3,000 tons of soil. The project will also involve the associated reporting of remediation results.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hossein Kazemian


Saeed Ghanbari


True North Environmental


Environmental sciences


Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services


University of Northern British Columbia



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