Artistic Voices: An Oral History Community Heritage Project at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, Kingston ON

Using oral history interviews, this collaborative project will document and explore the social history of the efforts made by the Kingston arts community to preserve the historic Morton Brewery and Distillery and to create the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, a vibrant community arts hub. Supplemented by archival research, I will interview the artists, cultural organizations, and community members to document this community history and privilege the voices of those who worked so hard to create this space. While many projects in Kingston focus on the tangible, physical heritage of the city, this project seeks to highlight the “intangible community heritage” of Kingston’s arts community, focusing on the importance of the people rather than limestone, brick, and mortar, and the ways in which these disparate groups came together and became a community. TO BE CONT”D

Faculty Supervisor:

Jeffrey Brison


Bronwyn Jaques


Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning


Visual arts


Other services (except public administration)




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