Asbestosis, Fibrosis, Pulmonary Function and Computed Tomography Test Changes in an Asbestos-Exposed Cohort

Many workers in the Sarnia region have had past occupational exposure to asbestos. Currently, a study is under way at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto to attempt to detect early stage lung disease in these workers using low dose computed tomography imaging of the chest. The internship will evaluate the relationship between asbestos and smoking exposures, pulmonary function changes and asbestosis (fibrosis or scarring of the lung due to asbestos exposure). Data for this study will come from medical records, existing questionnaire data and results of computed tomography. Analysis to evaluate their relationship between these factors will be carried out using multivariate regression analysis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Martin Tammemagi


Marina Stegne


Princess Margaret Hospital


Public administration


Life sciences




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