Asian Aquaculture Feed Formulation Database

Asia is the most important global market for aquaculture feeds and an increasingly important consumer of Canadian agricultural commodities, know-how and technologies. Given the complexity of the field, feed manufacturers require robust and highly flexible tools that could assist them in the formulation of cost-effective feeds for major aquaculture species across their life cycle. Veridis Aquatic Technologies (VAT) is a Canadian corporation established in 2009 that developing a cutting-edge online production analysis and benchmarking platform (PisciMetrixTM) aimed at improving the productivity and profitability of commercial aquaculture operations. VET will partner with the University of Guelph’s Fish Nutrition Research Laboratory (UG-FNRL) to deliver a series of databases and tools as part of a joint effort called the “Asian Aquaculture Feed Formulation Databases (AAFFD)” project. This large project requires the contribution of four graduate students and post-doctoral fellows trained at the UG-FNRL and with expertise in the nutritive value of feed ingredients, aquaculture feed formulation and nutritional modeling. This project will make use of unique expertise of the UG-FNRL and allow VAT to expand the capabilities of its platform (PisciMetrixTM). 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Dominique Bureau


Patricio Saez, Christopher Powell, Afshin Gholami, Jamie Hooft


Veridis Aquatic Technologies Inc.


Animal science


Fisheries and wildlife


University of Guelph



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