Asian Market Strategic Management Study for Coastal Contacts

The objective of this research project is to formulate a sustainable, profitable expansion strategy for Coastal Contacts Inc. to penetrate the Asian market for online distribution of its vision care products. The immediate problem facing Coastal lies in the development of a sound e-commerce penetration strategy unique to China. Coastal looks to develop a strategic model that will initially be executed in China, then subsequently applied to additional Asian markets as resources permit. Through an analysis of a past acquisition of an online distributor of contact lenses in Singapore, research of market size and assessment of demand for vision care products in China, an analysis of existing competitors offering online retail solutions for vision care products, an analysis of Internet availability and usage rates, and through an analysis of case studies that will shed light on the multitude of challenges facing e-]commerce in China, the researcher will develop a concise, executable strategic management plan to successfully penetrate the Chinese market and provide a strategic management model that can be applied to other Asian markets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John Ries


Sean Clark


Coastal Contacts Inc.




Finance, insurance and business


University of British Columbia



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